Independently or guided hiking through Madeira’s Nature

Levada Walks

A complete list of trails of Madeira with extended description can be found on the website of Visit Madeira. Here you can also download all brochures and maps.

explore the most picturesque dive spots of the island


The clear waters and marine life of Madeira, known for its numerous nature reserves and marine areas, offer countless fascinating and electrifying dive spots .

play golf in scenery that looks like paradise


The Madeira Archipelago has excellent courses that allow you to play golf in scenery that looks like paradise, painted with the green of the mountains and the blue of the sea that stretches to the horizon.

On Madeira Island you can play on two different courses, Palheiro Golf and the Santo da Serra Golf Club, with 18 and 27 holes respectively, both renowned for their beautiful scenery.

Visit the numerous gardens of Funchal, a gardeners paradise.

Madeira Gardens

Madeira’s sub-tropical like climate, warm and moist, together with the fact that the soil is a rich volcanic base, makes for perfect growing conditions for native as well as foreign additions alike. Plants from all corners of the earth can be found here, thus madeira gardens can be found in bloom right throughout the year. Funchal is a gardeners paradise, full of gardens with a diversity of plants and flow of colour everywhere.

Make your Madeira holiday even more unforgettable


You can fly every afternoon (weather permitting), +/-20 minutes, <85kg weight, Price € 85 pp. Location: Arco da Calheta.
Hartmut Peters started his flying career in 1992 and has been flying tandem since 1998. Since relocating to Madeira Island from Germany in 2000 he flies every day. He is fluent in German, English & Portuguese.