Big Game Fishing

Fish for big game fish in one of the best sport fishing destinations in the world: the west coast of Madeira. This area attracts some of the most sought-after game fish in the ocean, who are attracted to the warm, calm waters of the Gulf stream that passes the west coast of the island.

Madeira, Portuguese for wood, has a volcanic origin. The coast consists mainly of steep cliffs and sandy beaches are almost non existent. This erratic pattern continues into the sea where the soil is as irregular as the mainland. One need not go far from shore to find already great depths. Less than a mile from our location in Calheta the sea reaches depths of 400 meters. Our charter boats start fishing right after leaving the harbor, wahoo and marlin are already close to the shore! After a few minutes the seabed decreases rapidly down to more than 1000 meters depth.

The extraordinary geographical location, climate and subtropical currents of the Atlantic Ocean ensure that sea fishing in Madeira is very attractive. The marine habitat is formed by an abundance of sedentary species and migratory fish. The possibilities for fishing in Madeira are huge and the chances that you will catch the fish of your life is great!

From March to October, the warm seas to the west of Madeira attract a wide variety of game fish to the local waters, meaning you could be in with a chance of catching a Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, or even a Marlin. Rods ranging from 30 to 130 lbs are carried on board, and every angler on the boat will be provided with fishing gear to use for the duration of the trip.

The experienced crew will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are having a great time and getting the best strikes, so whatever your experience level don’t hesitate to come aboard and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Big Game Fishing in Madeira

Madeira is known worldwide for big game fishing, especially marlin and tuna fishing. A very short distance from the port, there are already great depths that are perfect for big game fishing. Usually right after leaving the port the lures have been launched!

The Blue Marlin is in any angler top of his wish list. This amazing predator, which can be more than 600kg heavy, visits Madeira from May to October. The prestigious Big Game tournaments in Madeira are generally held in June and July. 2015 and 2016 were very successful years for Calheta. The World Cup Blue Marlin have been won here both years.

In addition to the blue marlin, also mahi-mahi & white marlin is caught. Throughout the year, different species of tuna are caught in our waters, which include the big eye tuna, albacore and bluefin tuna (more than 150kg !!).

Game Fishing (Light Tackle) trolling in Madeira

With trolling, with light material (20 – 30lb fishing equipment) and smaller luhr and rapalas, you can experience superb fishing. Depending on the time of year and the season you can for example fish for brilliant sport fish such as bonito, sierra, red snapper, barracuda, sama, amberjack, tuna, bluefish, mahi-mahi, etc.



Private Charter Prices Big Game Fishing Light Tackle Fishing
4 hrs | max. 3 angler, max 6 persons | Drinks & Snacks included € 600 € 500
7 hrs | max. 3 angler, max 6 persons | Drinks, Lunch & Snacks included € 1.050 € 875
Shared Charter Prices Big Game Fishing Light Tackle Fishing
4 hrs | 2 anglers, 1 guest pp free | Drinks & Snacks included € 300 pp € 250 pp
4 hrs | 3 anglers, 1 guest pp free | Drinks & Snacks included € 200 pp € 165 pp
7 hrs | 2 anglers, 1 guest pp free | Drinks, Lunch & Snacks included € 525 pp € 435 pp
7 hrs | 3 anglers, 1 guest pp free | Drinks, Lunch & Snacks included € 350 pp € 290 pp




Lucky Franki

Lucky Franki is a 28 ft Boston Whaler Outrage with toilet on board. The boat is supplied with:

2 x 300 HP Suzuki (new 2016)
Rescue equipment

The ‘Lucky Franki’ is a 28 ft Boston Whaler walkaround boat that is powered by twin Suzuki 300 HP engines. Boston Whaler boats are well known for their sturdy construction, and this boat is no exception to the rule. Being a walkaround boat, you have 360 degree fishability, meaning once you have hooked your target fish you can easily keep hold of it. Meanwhile, the fully equipped cabin features everything you need to keep comfortable throughout your trip, while also providing shade and protection from the weather. With ample space for up to four anglers, this boat gives you the chance to go sportfishing like a pro for a reasonable price.



Freed’em is a Henriques 28 Express Fisherman. The boat is supplied with:

2 x 150 HP Volvo Penta Twin diesel Inboard
Rescue equipment

The newest member of our fleet is the “Freed’em”, a Henriques 28 Express Fisherman.
It is a offshore fishingboat with twin diesel inboards. The weight of the engines forward and down low improves the ride. A windshield and enclosure keep the whole crew out of the sun and spray. The uncluttered transom is easier for fishing. She has a large cockpit with all of the necessities for fishing, a soft, dry riding hull that also trolls and drifts well, and enough creature comforts that even non-anglers will enjoy an extended outing offshore. She has a sixty square feet of fishing space includes a transom livewell, tackle center, bait prep sink, six rod holders, and lots of storage. Flush mounted pop-up cleats in the covering boards make line handling straightforward yet won’t snag fishing lines, fingers, toes, or gear. A large transom door and huge fishbox complete the fishing paraphernalia. Forward of the cockpit, the bridgedeck is raised slightly for good visibility from the helm and to keep the deck dry. It has 2 large benches. The cabin is entered via a sliding companionway door and is spacious enough for storage and it has seperate toilet. The Henriques 28 Express Fisherman is capable of venturing offshore with the big boys. She is comfortable for the whole family.


Fishing Crew

Franki Slijpen
Franki SlijpenCaptain
Franki has a lifetime experience with fishing on sea. Started at the age of 16 working as a professional fisherman in spain. After 20 years moved to Madeira to extend his skills and learned from the best. Allready 8 years now working as captain & guide for our Big Game Fishing and Whale & Dolphin Watching Trips .

Languages: Dutch, German, English, Portuguese, Spanish

Twan Slijpen
Twan SlijpenCaptain
Twan owned a company selling fishingtrips to Spain. He has 15 years of experience with fishing and boating in Spain. Since moving to Madeira in 2008, he started offering fishingtrips to tourists. He specialised in Game Fishing.

Languages: Dutch, German & English

Francisco is local, who has been working for 40 years on the ocean. First as a professional fisherman, now working as deckmate during our fishingtrips.

Languages: Portuguese

Zane Costa
Zane CostaDeckmate
Zane is the youngest member of our team. He is the solid deckmate of Captain Franki for Big Game Fishing. He has 3 years experience.

Languages: Portuguese & English


Fish & Seasons

Throughout the year you can fish trolling either game or big game fishing. Autumn and winter is the best time for game fishing. Late March and April the various tuna species begin to visit the archipelago. Then the skippers like switching to trolling with sturdy material to catch blue fin tuna (up to 300kg !!), big eye tuna and albacore.

From the spring there will be a flow of warm water from the south along Madeira. This brings a lot of nutrients for small mackerel, sardines, and anchovies along with it. These fish are again the favorite food of sorts as wahoo, albacore, skipjack, dorado, white marlin and blue marlin in particular. The billfish visit the island in June, July and August. Sometimes even up to October.

Blue Marlin:

In Madeira Blue Marlin is caught trolling with lures (eg counterfeit squid). Marlin fishing begins when you reach the depth of 200m line. This does not mean that they are not caught closer to the coast, it would not be the first time that a marlin is caught just outside the harbor in just 70 meters depth. The best time to fish for blue marlin in Madeira is from May – October.

White Marlin

This species usually swims in small schools in waters more than 100 meters deep and feeds on all sorts of fish and shellfish. The best time to catch these species in Madeira is from late May to early September.


From November to January large amberjacks (30-50 kg) replace Marlin at the top of the food pyramid. Amberjack is caught with natural bait drifting or trolling.

Bigeye tuna

(Thunnus obesus) In Madeira, this kind – which can reach a length of 250 cm – usually is caught by trolling fishing with lures. The fish prefers a subtropical climate and the best time to catch the tuna in Madeira is during the months of February, March and April. If there is bigeye, you can also catch other species of tuna such as bluefin tuna and albacore.


This predator with sharp teeth can be found all over the world in tropical and subtropical waters. Anglers know him by his speed and wahoo is highly prized for its meat. There are wahoo caught with a length of 2 m and weighing up to 83 kg. It is usually caught trolling with lures.


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